Entry: In Flames Saturday, September 06, 2008

The new composition of the fall of 1995, a group recorded their regular disc 'The Jester Race', which was released in summer of next year. Cover to him did Andreas Marshall (Sodom, Kreator, Blind Guardian). They drew this album as an influence in Europe and in Japan, having obtained a contract with tamoshney Toys Factory. They spoke at festivals with Samael, Grip inc. and Kreator. Naturally, followed by a tour at the Lacrimosa Atrocity of Germany, during which the Swedes were able to provide high quality at the stage of his musical material. The rapidly growing popularity of In Flames and numerous tour group allowed to sign a new contract with the largest German steel company "Nuclear Blast". Then in February 1997 was issued sheyped-mini - CD, preceded by a large output album, "Black Ash Inherited". There were overwritten version Eposide 666, carpet Depeche Mode (Everything counts), acoustic composition and concert room. Thus, in 1997, In Flames produces a row mini 'Black-Ash Inheritance' and the full album 'Whoracle', which is the apex of creativity In Flames. CD Whoracle designed in the style of The Jester Race. Stromblad Law is the leader of the group, its brain and heart: "Music has always been a vital part of my life. Almost from the moment, as I learned to walk. And from the very beginning I knew that I wanted to deal with it is that. For me, music is a kind of business, I think about it 24 hours a day. And this is the only thing I can do and which I shall do all my life! " Dzhesper helped the group Hammerfall at its debut album 'Glory To The Brave' in writing and the performance of some songs. However Hammerlall music is very different from the music In Flames and more resembles speed-metal mid-80 - ies in the spirit of Helloween and Iron Maiden. After so happened that Johan and Glenn decided that no longer can burn in one lamp with the rest IN FLAMES. By the end of recording Whoracle, they, in the summer of 1997, left Bjorn, Jesper and Anders. Those turned to good friends - Peter Iwers and Niklas Engelin, committed them to play the bass and guitar, respectively, they were already at the very end of recording the album for a mini-tour with Hypocrisy. All turned out well and he has asked for permanent employment, refusal was received. In October 1997 and released an album. Magnificent show and extremely positive feedback in almost every music magazine for the first time allowed the group to get into the charts 78 position in Germany in November 1997. So from April 1998 Bjorn Gelotte and switched from drums to guitar, Anders Friden remembers: "In Flames urgently needed drummer, now he (Bjorn) and agreed. When Niklas resigned in Gardenian, it became clear that we have not needed a guitarist and drummer. Its we found in the person of former drummer Sacrilege Danizlya Svensson. " After successful tours and numerous festivals come a relative lull. The reasons were two. First, guitarist and author of the majority of songs Dzhesper Stremblad was busy with his side-project Hammerfall, and the absence debut after he decided to restrict itself only writing songs. Secondly, it helps Kimberly Goss, who this summer releases his debut with Sinergy. On the other hand, the group has been without a contract, that not escaped the attention of other firms. But ultimately In Flames decided to re-sign a contract with "Nuclear Blast", although proposals from other labels, too, was not otboya. It happened at the beginning of 1999, to February, and by that time shedshie since late last year record in the studio Fredman in Gothenborg COLONY new album have been completed. His exit was held in late May 1999. Then in Sweden was done videos for Ordinary Story. It was already quite professional - have been used 30 mm camera and all the necessary equipment. Also held speeches in Europe and in Japan…. In Flames on January 31, 2000 again in Studio Fredman January 31th 2000, to record a new album with the working title "Safe Handling Instruction". Six weeks they kovyryayutsya in the studio by March and work is completed, and the final name chosen disc - "CLAYMAN", which comes out July 31. The first video was the track "Only for the weak" - as a special bonus for the first limited edition album! Then was otsnyat clip on "Pinball Map". "Clayman" finds itself in the Swedish Charts at position 17 and in German - at position 43! In Flames mp3 download The name of the date of August 6, 2001, release date as the first group of concert album "Live in Japan". Concert album "The Tokyo Showdown" was recorded during the tour to Japan in 2000, held in support of the album Clayman. Admission was ambitious, Japan stood on all ears, they took as heroes. Seeing such durdom In Flames decided to capture this in the example offspring - and appeared their first live album. By May 2001, he was almost ready - smikshirovan in the studio Friedman (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir), a design made Niklas Sundin (of Dark Tranquillity). The album - an important documentary evidence of the success of the group, it is an opportunity to feel the power and energy concerts In Flames! You can physically feel heated among fans, for whom In Flames perform their best "classic" songs.


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